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According to Stonewall's best estimate, there are roughly 600,000 trans and non-binary people in the UK, and much more around the world. What is it like to live as trans in the UK? We cite some of the states shared by Stonewall from their research in 2018 below:

  • two in five trans people have had a hate crime committed against them 
  • two in five trans young people had attempted suicide 
  • one in four have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives
  • one in eight trans people had been physically attacked by colleagues or customers at work
  • two in five adjust the way they dress because they fear discrimination or harassment. This number increases significantly to half of non-binary people
  • one in seven trans people aren’t open about their gender identity to anyone in their family. This number increases to one in four non-binary people
  • more than one in ten trans people who are out to their family, aren’t supported by any of their family members
  • almost half of trans people who want to undergo some form of medical intervention, but have yet to have it, say that long waiting times prevent them from accessing medical treatment
  • nearly half say they don’t have the financial means to afford medical treatment 
If you are interested in reading the full report, please click here.

For my daughter, and many other transgender individuals all over the world, having the right functional garments available is extremely important. They use clothing to express and convey their identity especially when access to medical interventions is not possible or limited. However, many trans people are not in a financial position to afford it whether it's because they have no income and no support from their family, are more likely to be out of a job because of discrimination, are homeless, or can't work due to disability(ies) or mental health issues, or any other reasons. 

This is the very reason why I have started ACCESS Free Pairs to make Secret Hevan boxers more accessible. Can I please that you consider supporting my campaign and helping me reach more vulnerable trans friends out there? What I am providing is not a luxury. It is a necessity for some trans folks. It is designed to fulfil their basic needs, to take care of their bodily function and reduce their gender dysphoria. I am hoping those who can't afford it, but have spent their entire lives feeling alienated can also have a chance to finally feel whole, fabulous, and safe out in the world. 

You can get involved by:

Purchasing a product

10% of the profits is put forwards our ACCESS programme. By purchasing our products, you are helping us build up the fund to keep the programme going.

Making a donation

Every time you make a donation, we pool that money and donate more pairs of boxers to our trans friends who could use the support as much as you could.

Getting your company involved

Help make a profound impact by involving your company in sponsoring our ACCESS campaign to send out SECRET HEVAN gender-affirming boxers to our trans friends in need around the world!

If you have any other suggestions in terms of the support, please do get in touch with me:

Thank you for being in it with us! 


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