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One transgender child, one mother's loving search for some gender-affirming clothes: that was the origin of this brand. While we're doing everything we can to help affirm people's gender identities, we want to do even more than that. 

Introducing our "ACCESS" program where we will be sending out free pairs to those in the community who need them, but can't afford to purchase them on their own. So they get the help they need in defining, exploring, and actualising their gender identities.

10% of all our profits will be put aside to fund this programme. 

Help us Deliver More

With your help, we can deliver more!

Every time you make a donation, we pool that money and donate more free pairs of boxers to our trans friends who could use the support as much as you could.

Studies show gender affirmation greatly improves the mental health and overall well-being of transgender and non-binary people. By donating to this programme, you are helping break access barriers and making a big impact on someone's life. 

Be with us

Be with us. Embrace this mission as your own – and give a pair today! 

Together, we can help to share the love that is part of this community, to take one step forward towards a more inclusive and happier world

How it Works

  • We will be collecting donations as well as putting in 10% of our profits from sales to fund the programme.

  • All costs will be covered by the programme including delivery, so there is no financial burden on you.

  • If you are in need, please complete our online form here. We don't have any criteria as to who can apply for a free pair but count on people's good faith and honesty to make this programme work.

  • We will send them out on a first come first served basis. However, the number and style of free pairs will be dependant on the funds and stock available and may fluctuate from time to time. Hopefully over time, with all the help and generosity, we will be in a position to accept all reasonable requests. Meanwhile, please bear with us while we are getting the programme off the ground.

  • Once we are ready to send out free pairs and your request is accepted, you will get a code in an email that can be applied at checkout on our website. The code is unique to your application as to your size and chosen style.

  • If your circumstances change at any point, please do consider paying it forward by contributing to the programme and helping us sustain it for others in need.

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