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Welcome to Secret Hevan

Designed to Help Affirm Gender Identities

Sometimes it is the smallest and simplest things. Like gender affirming underwear that caters to your needs and gives you the confidence and comfort to walk through life every day, feeling like yourself.

The brand is newly founded and run by a mum of a young transgender person. Through our 1-of-a-kind designs, we want to help trans people to feel that their unique needs are recognised and respected. We are doing all of this because of our core values: togetherness, happiness, respect, inclusion, validation, equality (THRIVE).

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The first and ONLY period underwear for trans men and non-binary people.

Periods are not only a female thing! We believe that menstruation is something that some bodies need to do, nothing to do with gender. But we also understand it can be a distressing experience for some. We have invented 2-in-1 Period + Packing Boxers to help make your life a little easier.

Key Features:

  • highly absorbent and leak-proof - meaning you can have up to 8 hours of peace of mind
  • washable and reusable - so less trips to the shops for period products and no need to carry them around
  • can also accommodate a packer - meaning you can still pack and feel like yourself ANY day of the month

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Period underwear for trans-masc gender affirming
Stand to pee STP underwear for trans-masc gender affirming

Handling a Tricky STP Packer?

A pair of suitable underwear certainly can go a long way to help! Our 2-in-1 STP + Packing Boxers are engineered with a design that means you'll be taking trips to the mens room with confidence.

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Horror of a Packer Falling Out?

No More!

Our everyday packing boxers will keep everything in place, from a pair of socks to a small or large realistic packer. You get peace of mind, so you can get on with your day.

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Packing underwear for trans-masc gender affirming
High quality bamboo cotton trans-masc gender affirming underwear

What are They Made of?

We have sourced top-quality materials, focusing on durable, comfortable, eco-friendly fabrics: bamboo and organic cotton for our underwear.

Our manufacturing partners go above and beyond, complying with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 - one of the world's best-known certifications for textile safety, so you'll be confident that our products contain no harmful or nasty substances.

It Feels Like This on Skin

You don't want to walk around feeling clammy or sweaty. The bamboo in our fabric will help to wick away moisture from the skin, keeping you feeling fresh and dry.

Easy on the Environment?

From fabric choice, to products to packaging, we are committed to sustainability.

Bamboo and organic cotton are both a great deal more sustainable than many other fabrics as they require far less fertilizer, pesticides, and water.

Some 200,000 tonnes of period products are believed to end up in UK landfills every year. Most menstrual pads are made from 90% plastic. By choosing our reusable Period + Packing Boxers, you are helping to reduce waste.

We use boxes that are made of cardboard for packaging. 100% recyclable, reusable and biodegradable.

This is a product that will make your body feel good, while putting your mind at ease.